Organic Beach Body Oil - Summer Skin Radiance

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Organically Clean Beauty Made in the US with 100% Plant Based and Freshly Harvested Organic Coconuts. Non-Toxic - No Fragrance - No Paraben.

NATURAL RADIANCE MOISTURIZER- Looking for that perfect glowing tan this summer! Add CocoBe Organic Beach Body Coconut Oil to your daily routine- Non-Greasy and lightweight. Rich in Lauric acid, Vitamin E, Antioxidant and natural vitamins to enrich the skin natural glow all summer long!

WAYS TO USE- Indoors or Outdoors- Superior Skin Moisturizer to lock in and hydrate skin all summer long without any sticky or greasy feel! With Just one application the powerful emollient properties in CocoBe Beach Body Oil will transform your skin while strengthening the skin barrier against free-radicals and anti-aging for Silky Smooth Skin. No more Dry Dull Skin this SUMMER!

According to Research, Coconut Oil blocks only an estimated 20% of the sun damaging rays. If outdoors, combine/mix with your choice of sunscreen for added protection. Coconut oil is known to provide a natural shimmering radiance perfect to enrich your tan.

Great for all skin types…especially sensitive and dry skin. No Harmful Chemicals…Always test in a small area!

Made in the USA: CocoBe story started in a small village in South America with just a few coconut trees and coconuts, we handcrafted the coconuts to create our own blend of skin care products.…Protecting our largest living organ is as important as what we eat and drink! Made and tested in Florida. Proven to be an effective skin hydration against the Summer Heat, Salt water, ocean breeze, pool day and harsh water. Made with 100% Certified Organic coconuts with a unique extraction process to ensure it will remain in the purest-cleanest virgin formulation and will not get rancid or solid hard, ease of use with our pour bottle (Made in the US - BPA Free).

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