CocoBe Organic Coconut Oil 2-pack

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Dry, dull skin and hair to silky smooth in minutes! Add instant glow with just one application.

No Chemicals, No Fragrances, No Harmful Impurities. Made in the US, Certified Organic and Pure Plant Based. 10 Fl oz. each (2-Pack 590 ml) Free Shipping in the US.

100% of Customers that have used it in the last 4 months reported that they saw drastic improvement in just one week! .Formulated unlike any other coconut oil with a unique extraction process that ensures 100% Clean and Pure. Made in the US, GMP & USDA Organic-Certified with freshly picked and harvested coconut and pure plant based.

CocoBe Organically Clean Beauty -100% PURE COCONUT OIL SKIN HYDRATION is an ALL-IN-ONE SKIN, HAIR AND BODY moisturizer. Infused with the natural benefits of antioxidants, vitamin E, and nutrients will penetrate deep into your skin without any greasiness. This rich oil is loaded with Lauric Acid to provide a protective shield against free-radicals and offer a barrier from damages caused by environmental exposure, harsh water, Summer Heat, and other chemicals in your daily routine.


Exfoliate: The natural way without any harmful microbeads. Apply to face and entire body before and or after shower to avoid Dull Dry irritated skin. Can be combined with organic brown sugar for the perfect face and body scrub. The surface of our skin consists of layers of dead cells. When the dead cells fall off, new ones take their place. As we age, the process drastically slows down and the dead cells accumulate, giving the skin that rough, flaky texture. CocoBe oil aids in removing dead cells on the outer surface, making the skin smoother, repairing cellulite damages and allowing the skin to shine.

Hydrate:  Most conventional creams that claim to hydrate skin actually strip the polyunsaturated oils from the natural antioxidant, exposing the skin to free-radicals and causing damages to the connecting tissues- causing your skin to age faster. The saturated fat in CocoBe oil retains existing moisture in the skin cells, preventing free-radical formation and help keep connecting tissues strong protecting the skin from sagging for a youthful healthy appearance at any age.

Stress Skin or Lack of Sleep?  Add a touch of CocoBe oil to your face or over makeup for an instant glow.

Silky Smooth Legs: Cellulite Prevention & Reduction: According to Researchers, Cellulite appears to be related to connective tissues that attach the skin to the muscle beneath it, which causes the surface to appear uneven or dimpled. When applied directed to the area, coconut oil will naturally increase collagen production in the skin, creating a firming and tightening effect on the skin tissues which may reduce the appearance of cellulite while hydrating and moisturizing skin

SAFE FOR ALL AGES. MADE IN THE US WITH 100% Certified Organic Pure Plant Based ingredients. Formulated WITHOUT THE USE OF ADDED FRAGRANCES, PARABENS or HARMFUL CHEMICALS. VEGAN & NON-ANIMAL TESTED! Only the smell of freshly made unrefined virgin coconut oil.  NOT ALL COCONUT OIL IS CREATED EQUALLY. CocoBe Oil is specifically made for Skin-tested for harmful impurities and Certified Purity and GMP Quality. Stop using your kitchen jar oil for Beauty and try THE PUREST CLEANEST COCONUT OIL with our one OF KIND bottle that makes it easy to use and pour directly onto your skin.

Smooth and Ageless Skin:  For thousands of years, coconut oil was used to protect and enrich the skin’s natural radiance and promote healthy skin across many cultures and continents. This tropical treasure has anti-inflammatory properties to sooth sunburns and moisturize skin all day long. See and Feel the Difference in the in just use!