Our Story

Our company was started with you in mind, as I believe healthy beauty originates within yourself and through the gifts of nature.

My story started in a tiny village in South America. With no health, beauty, and wellness products, we turned to Mother Nature for all our needs. From the day I was born, the only product that touched my hair, skin, and entire body was freshly made coconut oil. One of my fondest moments of my childhood was sitting next to my mother while she grated the coconut; I used to love eating the flakes! She would then turn the freshly picked coconuts into oil through her homemade process which we used for cooking, as well as for all of our beauty necessities.

For several years, I’ve used many other beauty products as part of my daily beauty routine; however, the chemical formulations in many of these products over time have caused severe dryness, irritated skin and premature aging. Eventually, I discovered that the artificial ingredients were causing me to have allergic reactions. My love of the outdoors, including the Maryland Shore and the warmth of the Florida Sunshine, drove me to find a solution. Remembering my childhood, I was deeply inspired to reconnect and follow my passion in exploring the Tropical Treasure and its Beautification process that originated in nature as a pure, organic, virgin fruit, naturally infused with the benefits of antioxidants, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. This fruit, the “Coconut,” offers these benefits and more, including the ability to aid in boosting the production of collagen and providing the moisture benefits for youthfulness in face, skin, hair…. and so much more. I had to share this Natural Beauty Remedy with the World with the creation of CocoBe Healthy Beauty. 

Today my journey continues. I take the same pride and dedication that my mom put into making sure that she provided the best for her family with our Coconut Quality Assurance: Freshly Harvested and Certified USDA Organic-Fair Trade and Cruelty Free. Quality Tested & Manufactured in US GMP Facility-Certified by the State of Florida Dept. of Agriculture, Health, Safety and Consumer Services with NO Chemicals, NO Harmful Impurities, NO Added Fragrance! 100% Virgin Unrefined Organic Coconut oil.Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Non-GMO, and Non Greasy.

 Our one of a kind Bottles make it very easy to use-BPA Free and 100% Recyclable. Easy to open, Tap and Pour. Ideal for Office, Home, Beach and Travel use.

Not all Coconut oil products are created equally! Be sure to use the one and only CocoBe Healthy Beauty and rest assured that you are getting the purest, cleanest, Organic Virgin Coconut oil specifically made for Skin and Hair with NO Harmful Impurities.