Coconut Oil Benefits: Healthy Hair the Organic Way


CocoBe all natural Virgin Organic Oil will add that Perfect Shine, while softening and Repairing dry hair. Beauticians and Hair Stylists all around the US are raving about the benefits of using Virgin Coconut oil as part of your Hair Conditioning Routine. The best thing about CocoBe coconut oil is that it’s cheaper than most Salon Brand products and a little can go a long way. See a difference in just one treatment.

The Benefits:

Transforming Your Hair: The vitamins and fatty acid found in all natural CocoBe coconut oil can help nourish the scalp, penetrating the hair cuticles. It can also remove Sebum build up from hair follicles to stimulate new hair growth for Healthier and Thicker Hair.

Pre/Post Shampoo Treatment and Leave in Conditioner: Harsh water and chemicals in many hair products can strip the natural oil from your hair. To prevent damage or dry hair; massage CocoBe Virgin coconut oil directly into the root to tip of the hair. For Best results leave in overnight or apply 15 minutes before shampooing hair based on your preferences. CocoBe can also be applied to wet or dry hair as a leave-in treatment and hair protection.

Sun Damage Protection/Frizz Control: Perfect for Beach or Pool Day. Not only will CocoBe Virgin coconut oil offer frizz control, but will protect your hair from damage cause by the sun, Salt Water, Chlorine and other harsh weather or chemicals in the environment. The heat from the sun will actually open the cuticles and the oil can penetrate even more into the scalp. The Natural ingredients found in raw virgin coconut oil can offer protection from sun and chlorine damage. For the best outdoor Pool or Beach Day, Always keep CocoBe easy to use, tap and pour bottle with you. NO MORE KITCHEN JARS to the Beach or pool area, No spill caps for traveling.

Perfect For: All Hair Types. All Ages. All Sexes. If you’ve never used coconut oil, try on a small area to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction.

Use: Liquid or Solid-Same Great Benefits. It can be applied to hair in creamy, solid or oil form for same results. A Little goes a long way. Can be used with other hair products, perfume and sunscreens based on your preferences. Applying too much may cause hair to look wet and oily.