Coconut Oil Benefits: Body And Skin-All Natural Radiance and 24 Hour Moisturizer

This Tropical Treasure and its beautification process that originated in nature as a pure, organic, virgin fruit, naturally infused with the benefits of antioxidants, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, will penetrate deep into your skin without any greasiness. This rich oil will provide a protective shield and offer a barrier from damages cause by environmental exposure, harsh water, Winter Cold, Summer Heat, and other chemicals in your daily routine. While offering these protections it will simultaneously replace the hydration and antioxidants in your skin for a natural healthy glow.

The Benefits:

Smooth and Ageless Skin: For thousands of years, coconut oil was used to protect and enrich the skin’s natural radiance and healthy beauty across many cultures and continents. My family and ancestors were exposed to the hot blistering sun, living close to the equator with high UV Radiation and the abrasiveness of the Atlantic Ocean breeze every day of the year. Yet at 70-80-90 years old their skin is still flawless and healthy from the daily use of Virgin Coconut oil. Most conventional creams that claim to hydrate skin actually strip the polyunsaturated oils from the natural antioxidants, exposing the skin to free-radicals and causing damage to the connecting tissues and causing your skin to age faster. The saturated fat found in CocoBe Pure Virgin coconut oil retains existing moisture in the skin cells, the antioxidants prevent free-radical formation and help keep connecting tissues strong and protect the skin from sagging for a youthful healthy appearance at any age.

Skin Exfoliate: The surface of your skin consists of layers of dead cells. When the dead cells fall off, new ones take their place. As we age, the process drastically slows down and the dead cells accumulate, giving the skin that rough, flaky texture. CocoBe Raw Organic Coconut oil aids in removing dead cells on the outer surface, making the skin smoother, repairing cellulite damages and allowing the skin to shine, creating a Healthy and Youthful appearance.

Perfect For: All Skin Types. All Ages. All Sexes. Test in a small area before applying to other areas.

How to Use: Liquid or Solid-Same Great Benefits-A Little goes a long way…Pour or squeeze a small amount and apply to entire body after showering daily for best results or any time of the day. Perfect for Body Massages and Beach Goers! Can be applied under foundation and used with other products, perfume and sunscreens based on your preferences.

Easy Absorption/Non Greasy: Its small molecular structure allows for easy absorption giving the skin that soft and smooth texture. When using, apply a small amount…A little goes a long way! When first applied it may seem like you are spreading a very oily substance on your skin, but because it is quickly absorbed, it does not leave a layer of greasy film.

Liquid or Solid. Below 76 °F oil may solidify. To turn liquid place this bottle under warm tap water or place in a cup of warm water, either way it stays fresh based on preferences.

Long Shelf Life: CocoBe Virgin Coconut Oil is loaded with all natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that reduce contamination from bacteria and microbes. The pure antioxidants prevent spoilage and can last for several years.

No Fragrance: Virgin Organic CocoBe has no added fragrance, only the natural smell of freshly made pure coconut oil.

No Mess Bottle: CocoBe one of a kind ‘Tap and Pour’ Bottle makes it easy to apply directly to skin. NO MORE JARS!