Coconut Oil Benefits: All Natural Organic Body Massage

Why use CocoBe Organic Virgin Coconut oil for your next Massage?

Anti-bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant Properties: This rich oil creates a protected barrier against free-radical and environmental damages to your skin. The natural antioxidant, antibacterial and antimicrobial richness makes it the perfect remedy for your entire body massage.

Promote Healing and Hydration: The Medium-chain triglycerides and all natural fatty acids in coconut oil will keep the skin hydrated for hours; long after leaving the spa without leaving you feeling greasy or dry from the chemicals in other products. It’s perfect for everything you want to see and feel in your skin. Most conventional creams that claim to hydrate skin, actually strip the polyunsaturated oils from the natural antioxidants, exposing the skin to free-radicals, causing damage to the connecting tissues, and causing your skin to age faster. The saturated Fat found in CocoBe Pure Virgin coconut oil retains existing moisture in the skin cells, and the antioxidants prevent free-radical formation, help keep connecting tissues strong, and protect the skin from sagging for a youthful healthy appearance at any age. So, for your next massage choose CocoBe Organic Virgin Coconut Oil which will not only soften your skin, but promote healing and provide that healthy appearance and youthfulness.

CocoBe Virgin Coconut Oil can be blended and used with many other products for the perfect massage.

Long Shelf Life: CocoBe Virgin Coconut Oil is loaded with all natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that reduce contamination from bacteria and microbes. The pure antioxidants prevent spoilage and can last for several years.

No Mess/No Stains: CocoBe one of a kind Tap and Pour Bottle makes it easy to apply directly to skin. Coconut oil doesn’t stain clothing or sheets and is easily washable. Wipe excess oil off if over-applied.